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The Sengur brand is a beer born from the pristine nature of Mongolia, which has become the No. 1 choice of modern youth. The essence of the brand, which is known as being an innovator in the market and “icebreaker”, has distinguished itself by conquering tireless, endlessly motivated, optimistic and open-minded young people.

At prestigious festivals such as the Monde selection awards, World beer awards and Australian international beer awards, Sengur has been able to distinguish itself with its taste and quality, winning gold and silver medals, receiving the Best Asian Beer award and becoming one of the best beers in the world.




The Sengur brand is the No. 1 choice of modern youth, a beer born by nature in the vastness of the Mongolian plains, reminiscent of winter, exhilarating the soul with cold, refreshing charm of a deep blue sky and crystal clear and refreshing water. Young people choose this brand because it shares the values of a new generation and inspires them, sharpening their desire to be different by remaining “always fresh”.

Sengur brand is available on the market in 4 flavors, 3 types of alcohol content and 12 types of packaging. Its innovative quality, always ahead of others, captivated the youth and made it the best-selling beer in Mongolia.

Be innovative with the Sengur brand!

Sengur Original

Sengur is a beer brewed from pure ingredients using fresh ground water, barley malt and sunflower, in strict accordance with the half-thousand-year-old “Beer Purity Law. Clear yellow in color, this beer is the masterpiece of the German brewmaster.

Alcohol content: 4.8%

Sengur Wheat

Cloudy light color with a unique smell and taste. The pleasant aroma of grains and fruits and the rich taste of bright and barely perceptible orange, cloves and wheat hairs make Sengur Wheat special.

Alcohol content: 5%

Sengur Radler Mango

A refreshing drink with a sweet and pleasant mango flavor, reminiscent of a beautiful sea beach, cool shade of palm trees and hot tropical air.

Alcohol content: 1.9%

Sengur Radler Lemon

Has a fruit color. Contains barley malt, hops and lemon juice. It has a rich taste with a barely perceptible hint of spice.

Alcohol content: 1.9%


Gold Medal

Monde Selection 2021

Asia Gold

World beer awards – 2014

Asia’s Best Beer

World beer awards – 2014

Silver Medal

Australian international beer awards – 2009

Silver Medal

Australian international beer awards – 2010


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