Painter J.Munkhtsetseg

The world of a woman is deeply symbolized in the works of J. Munkhtsetseg, who conveys her very own vision of the relationship between the nature and woman in her colorful works.



Each artist begins creating art at different times. For me, it started in my childhood, I think. Maybe it is because in the past girls used to draw long hairs a lot, or many other things may have influenced, as I now suppose. The main idea of ​​my work is healing. This is to put it in one word. This term is more used in connection with not physical, but spiritual healing. For example, traditional medicine was effective in its believe that the patient could not be cured, simply by means of taking medicines. They believed that only when connected with the spirituality the abstract side becomes the reality, and in this case, both of these sides are healed together or kind of heal each other. I reflect this position in my works.

Contemporary or abstract art is not something incomprehensible to the average person. It displays the most truthful things at this very time in a concise manner, so it is easily understandable and applicable to everyone. When I draw a heartbeat, or think about the sounds of blood in the veins, I will definitely need a reddish brown color, from yellowish to black reddish and brown. What is the relationship between these colors and shades? How to depict the thinnest lines on other lines? That is what I think when I I am drawing. Is it possible to combine several pale colors to get another color? … to depict distance or air. I usually draw a lot of stories, so I think and reflect a lot about them. My creation of soft sculptures was greatly influenced by a Japanese female sculptor Yaayao Kusama. I saw that sculptures can be made from almost any material around.

There is a book that I read over and over again, and it seems to be directly related to my creations. It is called Biography of Majig Lavdonmaa. It’s almost like depicting anatomy in words. For example, I read “human capillaries together will fill a handful.” The heart is like three fingers in a particular position. In this work, the measurement of dimensions and volumes seems amazing. One French group used my work for 2 of their publications. There is a CD of a French women band called “Trio”, they search, find and sing forgotten European songs.

The Zanabazar Museum is wonderful. The Choijin Lama Museum also has works of Zanabazar. We also have a wonderful old Bogdo Museum. The main feature of our museums is that their extensive collections are gathered under  very limited spaces. And if you want to see and understand all that, then you can embrace everything there. That is, there one can see and feel a lot of different things or concepts. The mountains on the north side of the city are beautiful. And looking to the south, you can see the greatness of Mount Bogd. Mongolia has all the natural landscapes, but I prefer the steppe. The emptier the steppe and desert is, the more beautiful it is. I think foreigners also appreciate them very much.

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