Symbol of a Vintage Quality

ARKHI is the first Mongolian brand to be recognized internationally for its unique classic quality. The brand was created by the order of the Government of Mongolia and has a vintage recipe that pays special attention to its pure natural ingredients and luxurious smooth taste.

ARKHI brand is a token of excellence and vintage recipe.


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Story of the Brand

ARKHI means VODKA in Mongolian. The ARKHI brand was created in 1976 by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Mongolia involving skilled professionals and scholarly intellectuals.  It is distinguished by its rich history of decorating tables at high-level state visits and receptions and has been won gold medals for its taste and quality, representing our country internationally.

We developed the select ARKHI brand recipe paying special attention to pure natural ingredients and delectable smooth taste highly regarded by Mongolians.  This vintage recipe distilling mixes raw materials extracted only from high-grade wheat grown in the pristine steppes with softened fresh water that is filtered through charcoal, quartz sand, membranes, diamonds, and precious metals to create a luxurious, smooth, and familiar classic taste.

The ARKHI brand built on half a century of an art of vodka distillery with its rich history is the symbol of high-end luxury drinks and one of a vintage kind, a legacy passed down to generations to come. We present to you the best vodka – symbol of the highest quality of craftsmanship.

ARKHI – the reflection of excellence and vintage recipe.

ARKHI Classic

Featuring pure white vodka without additives, the ARKHI brand is distinguished by its smooth luxurious taste that combines traditional filtration technology with modern advanced technology. ARKHI Classic is a hallmark product rooted in a century old expertise and craftsmanship of alcohol production.

ARKHI Export

Premium vodka recognized for its luxuriously smooth and clear taste obtained through a new diamond filtering technology in accordance with its unique classic recipe.

ARKHI Silver

Mongolians have acknowledged long ago the amazing properties of silver, recorded in the ancient medical scriptures. The Arkhi Silver was created by combining the ancient knowledge with a new six-stage coal and silver filtration technology. Please enjoy.

ARKHI Copper

The Arkhi Copper brand was created by combining ancient knowledge with modern advanced technology and storing the select wheat spirits mixed with fresh artesian water in copper vessels that allows for absorption of the amazing properties of the gem, thus creating the discernible smooth taste.


Gold medal

Monde Selection 2006, 2007, 2012, 2020, 2021

Gold & Silver medal

Hong Kong Wine & Spirit Competition 2016

Best Pure Neutral Vodka

World vodka awards 2016

Gold Medal

DLG Quality Institute 2012

Silver medal

San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2012

Gold medal

San Francisco World Spirits Award 2014

Gold medal

San Francisco World Spirits Award 2012

Gold medal

The Spirits Business 2011

Gold medal

International Flair 1976,1984


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