10 Unique Souvenirs Which Can Only Be Purchased in Mongolia

Anyone traveling for tourism or business takes back a souvenir that reflects the specifics of a country, its unique culture and lifestyle, for enjoying oneself or as a gift for the loved ones. But how to make a better and more interesting choice? Here are ten recommendations on the best and most unique gifts and souvenirs to help with choice.

  1. Mongolian clothes.

    The origins of our ancient nomadic people and the history of creating the largest empire in the history left us a wonderful legacy of rich and intricate dress culture, one of the most elaborate among the cultures of Asia. There are many modern brands that incorporate elements of traditional Mongolian clothing. For example, you can check out the collections of such famous brands as Michel & Amazonka, Tuka Tailor, Rinchin Esui, and Baba.

  2. Gold and silver jewelry.

    Mongolians have a rich tradition of jewelry making. Tourists will have a wide choice of gold, silver and copper jewellery and handicrafts starting from handmade masterpieces of craftsmanship to everyday decorations. There is also a unique selection of intricately designed silver goblets that are popular among Mongolians, as well as traditional silver jewelry.

  3. Snuff bottles.

    The most common form of greeting among Mongolians is the exchange of  vessels with snuff. Mongolian snuff bottles are unique in shape, design and materials of which they are made. Sharing tobacco with a guest is a sign of respect and warm and friendly relations. How about realising this Mongolian tradition by sharing snuff with your guests and starting a good conversation?

  4. Cashmere products.

    Fine, lustrous, soft and luxurious, Mongolian goat cashmere is known all over the world. Gobi, Goyo and other world famous brands offer a wide range of quality garments of various designs and colors and at reasonable price. In addition to cashmere, a tourist can also find beautiful garments made from sheep and camel wool and yak down.

  5. Mongolian vodka.

    The Mongols have long valued alcoholic beverages as a symbol of respect. Therefore, it is customary to serve high-quality vodka to honored guests. Following the unique inherited recipes, the large national producer APU JSC produces well-known vodka products such as Chinggis Khan, Soyombo, Eden, Evok and other using the purest, soft, natural water, the best wheat and natural stone filters. Share with your friends and family this soft vodka and your memories of the trip. The best products of JSC “APU” can be purchased in stores in your country as well as through e-commerce sites.

  6. Organic skincare products.

    Be sure to visit MOIL and LHAMOUR boutiques which sell rare, natural, organic skin care products and cosmetics made by using wild fruits, rare medicinal plants and animal oils and combining ancient knowledge, old traditions and modern technology! There are beauty products that can be used for both physical and emotional enjoyment as well as for medical purposes.

  7. Embroidery.

    A tourist can buy beautiful handicrafts from Mongolia such as colorfully embroidered rugs, tablecloths, pillowcases, bags and purses. In addition to the traditional nomadic style, there is a choice of authentic products created by Western Mongolian craftsmen in kazakh style.

  8. Felt items.

    Mongolians have long been producing felt and widely used it in everyday life. For thousands of years, traditional nomadic dwelling is covered with felt. Today, artisans create a wide range of daily products and souvenir items such as felt blankets, slippers, folders, wallets, laptop bags, gers, felt dolls and even felt paintings. There are brands such as Khusug, Degjin Goo, Go & Go, Esegi and Bog that are renowned for their felt creations.

  9. Leather products.

    Similarly, Mongolians have long been proud of one of their staple livestock product, leather. In addition to leather souvenirs, of course, you can make a valuable gift as shoes and accessories made by Mongolian craftsmen. There are brands such as Aragont Leather Art Studio, LIVON, LeMon, MR, or Choice offering a wide range of exquisite leather goods.

  10. Mongolian music.

    Be sure to bring back home pieces of Mongolian music with its very ancient history and very modern style. Share with your loved ones the unique melodies of Mongolian throat singing “hoomei” and by folk instrument “morin khuur”, the music of many wonderful groups that successfully combine Mongolian classical, folk, long style “urtiin” songs and modern tempos! We invite you to listen to the music performed by famous Morin Khuur ensemble and the rock band The Hu, which topped the Billboard and iTunes charts, as well as the Grammy-nominated ethno-jazz group Arga Bileg, the legendary singer of lingering “urtiin duu” N. Norovbanzad, virtuos operformer on the “yatga” instrument Ch.Munkh-Erdene, and albums from the Ertunts and Baigal groups, representatives of the Mongolian chillout style.

Surely, in Mongolia travelers can find many interesting products, souvenirs and gift sweets. We included in this list only some interesting and unique products that may not yet be very well known among tourists. But remember that the most important gift to bring back from your trip is wonderful memories, stories, and experiences to share. Welcome to Mongolia!

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