10 Films That Will Introduce Modern Mongolia

Top Secret 2: Baitag Bogd

The Mongolians, who created the greatest world power eight centuries ago, at the beginning of the 20th century fought for their independence. This work will tell about the price of independence acquired through the heroic struggle and efforts of the united nation. Watch the story of brave heroes who defended their homeland at the cost of their lives.


White “Khadag”

Mongolians have repeatedly proved at Olympic and World Games that they are talented in various sports. Mongolia is a country of wrestling sport. In this sense, Dorzhsurengiin Sumya is one of the most successful examples of a modern female wrestler and athlete. In this film about D. Sumya, the world champion in judo and a silver medalist of the Olympic Games, you will see the successes, achievements and failures of modern Mongolian sports.



Based on the legend of the cuckoo, the film has become the most magical Mongolian feature film of the 21st century. In this art-house film, you can see the life and mentality of pastoralists living in the Mongolian countryside and how they preserve and pass on the national heritage.


Hiimori (Stamina)

Horses are an integral part of Mongolian culture and history. That is why mongolians worship horses. Film Hiimori is a vivid example of love of mongolians for horses. It was premiered to the audience in 2019. From the film, you will learn about the important relationship between a man and these clever animals and the unique mongolians equestrian culture.


Mad mother

The film “Mad Mother”, the plot of which echoes with the certain work of Chinese literature, shows to the audience the 18th century Mongolia. In this work, the plot of which takes place three centuries ago, one can see the sacred bond between mother and child. We recommend this film from the entire collection of Mongolian movies about mother.


The Weeping Camel

This is the first Mongolian film nominated for the Oscar at the world’s highest film festival. The work documented and preserved the Mongolian tradition of soothing a mother camel to make her to accept her rejected calf. This joint Mongolian-German documentary will give you an insight into the life of herders in the Gobi desert.


Gold Vein

Depicting with sensitive issues in the relationship between Mongolian herders and the modern mining industry, the film won two awards at the Geneva Film Festival and premiered at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. With this work of director D.Byambasuren, one can trace the progress of modern Mongolia in unison with the world development as well as the achievements of Mongolian documentary film.


Remote control

The feature film “Remote Control” won first place in the New Wave category at the Busan Film Festival. This work of the main representative of the Mongolian cinema S. Byamba is full of interesting art-house techniques. The film also became the first Mongolian film to be nominated and screened at the prestigious Melbourne Film Festival.


Stars and Light

This work depicts the most truthful picture of life of the youth of Ulaanbaatar, full of live music and modern relationships. Od and Gegee represent today’s Mongolian youth. WE can see the struggle, hard work, hope, sadness and joy of the young people to achieve their dream for “stars and light”.


Red Flower

“Ulan Tsetseg” or Red Flower is a biographical film about S.Udval the famous statesperson and female public figure of the 20th century. She chaired the Mongolian Women’s Committee for 25 years and also chaired the Mongolian Writers Union for 13 years. From the biography of this remarkable historical figure, we can learn about the courage, strength and talent of a Mongolian woman as well as get acquainted with the life and history of the country in the 20th century.


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