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Soyombo is the representation of nomadic heritage and the first choice of vodka at the ceremonies. The Soyombo brand with the “self-developed holy letter Soyombo” carved on the bottle with unique perfectly smooth taste is a legacy passed down to us by the genius Undur Gegeen G. Zanabazar himself, proclaimed as the Michelangelo of the East.

The leading brand Soyombo, a symbol of nomadic heritage is the ultimate choice of nomads.




Soyombo is a premium luxury alcohol that was created as a symbol of Mongolia’s incredible heritage and the highest expression of reverence. The Soyombo letter embossed on the brand’s bottle was created by great enlightener, sculptor, painter, famous statesman, the great man of the royal lineage, the first Bogd Undur gegeen G. Zanabazar who is also referred to as the Michelangelo of the East.  It is said that in 1650, he saw this mysterious letter shine in the sky and for the next 36 years carefully developed and completed his “self-developed holy” letter by 1686.  The Soyombo letter is revered as a symbol of Buddhist philosophy and of Buddha’s commandments and as a symbol for the world order. Today, Soyombo letter in its significance is emblazoned on the Mongolian national emblem and flag.

Since ancient times Mongolians have a tradition of signifying alcohol as the most respected part of celebratory and ceremonial dishes. Therefore, we offer you Soyombo, a premium luxury vodka steeped in Mongolian heritage.  The unique and distinguishable Soyombo vodka was created from the fresh water of Bogd Khan Mountain streams that has been revered by the Mongolian state. The special drink blends alpha-grade alcohol with six types of flavors and aromas. Thanks to the artisanal water and a special purpose-made silver filter the vodka has a delectably smooth taste. Created with skilled craftsmanship and incorporating deep symbolism the vodka is a true representation of a national classic quality.

The leading brand Soyombo, a symbol of nomadic heritage is the ultimate choice of nomads.


Gold Quality award

Monde selection 2008 and 2020

Best Ultra Design

World vodka awards 2016

Gold medal

Spirits Challenge 2014

Gold Medal

San Francisco World Spirit Award 2014

Silver Medal

San Francisco World Spirit Award 2014

Gold Medal

World’s Spirit Award 2012


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