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Eden That Inspires Your Senses

The Eden brand is for anyone who sees the world through their senses, enjoys art and beauty in all forms, and stays true to their dreams.  The Eden brand is one of the best Mongolian luxury brands infused with delectable fruit extracts that aids in its unique aroma and smooth taste.




The ancient legend tells that a deer radiating light from its body flew across the sky. And one day he discovered a beautiful garden growing in the sky. It was the Garden of Eden. There the radiant deer met the nightingale and became good friends with it.  The nightingale didn’t tweet but sang.  Every time the bird sang all the animals in the garden rejoiced, the plants and flowers flourished, and the springs softened and purified with its water becoming a life-giving, rejuvenating one.  Although the deer stayed in the sky he missed the earth dearly, so the nightingale came up with an idea to pay a visit to the Earth together once a year.  Every year they descended from heaven to earth.  The radiant deer carried living water on its horns and made the rivers flow and melted and purified the lakes and the oceans.  And when the nightingale sang flowers buds bloomed throughout the barren soil, trees blossomed, and spring came to the world. The legend says that people who saw the first spring and heard the singing of the nightingale felt the freedom of creating art and freedom in creation.

Eden That Inspires Your Senses


Gold quality

Monde selection-2021

Silver medal

International World Spirits Competition 2022


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