Mongolian Leading Premium Brand

The Altan Gobi brand was created by absorbing the enigmatic and mysterious magic of the Gobi, which expresses the brand’s valuable roots, dignity, noble appearance and charm. 

Celebrate your unforgettable moments as golden as Mongolian desert with Mongolian premium beer Altan Gobi!



Story of the Brand

Simultaneously sounding sand dunes of thirty-three Mongolian deserts, filled with the sun rising from the horizon over the vast land, and floating long shadows of the camel caravan, plowing through the dunes, embodies magic.  And that unforgettable feeling when the music of sand stops at night and the stars from the sky seem to fall on your face, and it seems that it is possible to reach them only by stretching out your hand.  The Altan Gobi brand is a Mongolia’s leading premium beer, crafted absorbing the mysterious and enchanting magic of the Gobi.

The combination of traditional brewing methods and special innovative technologies creates the brand’s golden yellow color, which stands out from other beers, expresses the magical beauty of the Mongolian Gobi.  The foaming of Altan Gobi beer like a high-grade sparkling wine symbolizes a precious golden moment of celebration.  

Celebrate the golden moments of your life with the best Mongolian beer and create unforgettable memories like the mysterious Gobi!



Monde Selection 2012


World Beer Competition 2013

Asia Winner

World Beer Awards 2015


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