Visually Appealing Ensemble

Each country and city greets its guests through buildings and structures of certain architectural styles that are expressions of its history, culture and even a special event. Ulaanbaatar, too, has a number of historical monuments built in the process of Mongolia’s transition from its nomadic lifestyle to sedentary way. Let’s check out some of Ulaanbaatar’s […]

8 Reasons to Visit Mongolia

Mongolia is a country that has many amazing ancient secrets. Mongolia is a land with rich history, vast steppes and simple and noble people. How did Mongolia impress foreigners? Here are quotes of eight people telling their reasons to visit Mongolia. Most captivating sunrises (and sunsets) in the world “Dawn in Mongolia was an amazing […]

Cultural Identity of the Nomads of the Great Steppe

Following the traditions and customs in the ideological, symbolic, spiritual and cultural aspects, and thus preserving the cultural identity of the Mongolians, the Naadam festival and the Tsagaan Sar holiday have been celebrated for millennia.   Naadam festival From ancient times, the Mongolians joyfully celebrated Naadam in  the occasion of the great assembly of chiefs, […]

Natural Wonder Food

Mankind has been using natural compounds of animal, vegetable and mineral origin since its inception, which are now an important part of medicine and culture.  In eastern civilizations like China and India there is evidence that natural compounds were used 5,000 years ago, and in early western civilizations like Ancient Greece and Rome 2,500 years […]

Mongolian Traditional Distilled Alcohol

Willem de Rubruk and Plano Carpini wrote in their travel notes about Kharkhorin, the capital of the Great Mongol Empire, about the magnificent design of the Silver Tree, from which four types of luxurious drinks flowed.  From the Silver Tree, which itself was a work of art, flowed wine, airag (koumiss), mead and beer.  This […]

World Famous Opera Singer Born in the Great Steppe

Compared to five hundred years of opera history and theaters with centuries of history, the Academic Opera and Ballet Theater built in Mongolia, the birthplace of Genghis Khan, may seem young, but it was the very first professional theater in Asia with a fascinating and glorious history.  Since then, the chronicle of Mongolian operatic art […]

Hidden Pearls

Among the soaring glass skyscrapers, the symbols of modern technological progress and dreams of the mankind, lurk ancient temples and monasteries of Ulaanbaatar like white pearls in shells.   GANDANTEGCHINLEN MONASTERY (founded in 1727) Consisting of many buildings, including 6 temples of traditional Mongolian, Mongolian-Chinese and Tibeto-Chinese architecture as well as the Institute of Buddhism […]

The Legacy of Chinggis Khaan

The Great Chinggis Khaan (1162-1227) played an important role in shaping the history of Mongolia and the world. Traditionally, Chinggis Khaan had been revered by the Mongols, because he was the founder of the Ikh Mongol state (Great Mongolian Empire). Mongolians consider him to be a genius leader both in politics and military. He symbolizes […]

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